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is that codec fine with default settings?
Select deinterlace method = Weave (no deinterlacing) for progressive FILM content. Select "Vertical filter" for interlaced videos if you don't intend to apply more sophisticated deinterlacing algorithms.

do i have to have BSPlayer 2.0 to acces to DVD menus?
Yes, I believe so. The "DVD Playback" was marketed here as a big bonus. :P

and can i use external (.sub,.srt) subtitles with those DVDR files?
VOBs are no different than AVI, MKV or MPG files. But since the MPEG data is split into <1 GB parts you will either need to join them together or split the subtitle file. I prefer joining the VOBs by simple appending one file to the end of previous. Splitting subtitles is a more complex task.

If you cannot afford to copy several gigabytes of data due to FAT32 filesystem or lack of disk space, you can install DGMpgDec and AviSynth. This eliminates need for the Elecard filters. Both these programs include good manuals describing their usage.

1) Index all VOBs of the movie (excluding menu and any extras) with DGIndex ("Demux all tracks", "Save Project")
2) Create an *.avs file where you load the in saved *.d2v file and AudioDub() it with one of the demuxed audio tracks.
3) Open the AVS as a video file in BSPlayer.
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