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Default Dont Work !

Well il try to be more specific , First thx for your help .

Now when i says the edges run away its not only the video edges the entire desktop actully all the display is runing off from each corner as you can see in the picture , Now to fix this il need to go to

display proporties --> Settings --> Advanced --> My Geforce Tab --> Tv Settings --> Device adjustment !

And there to Restore defaults button .

All this because when i turn to full screen with BsPlayer Only its change my entire scrren size its some kind of zooming the screen in about 1 inch inside .

Now i did play with the renedering option in the bsplayer , and the vrm9 works and 7 also and its show good quality and the screen dowes not run away when i try to go back from full screen to video mode all works great BUT I HAVE NO SUBTITLE IN THAT RENEDRING MODE . :(

so what can i do please BsPlayer Is My Favorite one i try milion of players like

Zoom Player , Mv2Player , PowerDVD , InterVideo Home Theater , Quick Time , InterVIdeo Media Center , DvdX Player 4 , and milion more and each of them is lack of somthing .

So please try to help me to resolve the problem , Look at the picture again and you will see the Start Bar is disapear because of the screen display is zoomed inside .

Please Help .

Oooo and the Remember movie window size is already checked so it dont work .
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