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Hmmm. Wow. Thanks for such a quick reply. Well, I don't remember the exact name, unfortunately. It wasn't branded on the front of it or anything like that in which I'd remember it by. All I can really do is give a description of what it looks like. For example, play, pause, etc. were all at the bottom while statistical data like name and size of the video was on the top of the skin, some(?) of the corners were cut off to give it a bit of style, and the exit button I believe was on the bottom-right side split off from the main body of the skin yet fit intricately into whole skin (which seemed like a really cool idea to me). It's overall bg color gave off a light blue.

I don't think it had a volume control slider if that helps at all, but had video/time/length/position control slider (don't know what it's called, but you can get the idea). I don't think the volume control slider was implemented just yet when it was made, but wasn't important to me because it was easier to control the volume with the mouse wheel anyways. That's about the time I found bsplayer, and the skin. I guess that can help give you a time-wise estimate of where/when it was. I don't know if that really helps any though.
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