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Your monitor\TV screen does have an AR of 3:4. So, if you have a 16:9 image, to get to fullscreen the player must add black lines, top and bottom. A 4:3 image when gets to full screen it fills the whole screen (as it's 4:3) so there are no black lines top and bottom.
To remain at the same AR (4:3) and have black lines top and bottom you must add also black lines left and right (similar too zoom into the image) But I am sure you don't want to do that, isn't it ?
But if you extend the picture so the black strips will be rendered as a part of the movie it'll look like the aspect ratio is 16:9 but it'll really be 4:3. And that's what i want :)

I'll geuss i'm gonna pass the "subtitles under the movie" thing :(.
Bad luck, i really thught i'v solved it this time, with the "Extend picture to" feature...
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