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I think you should seriously reconsider this list of "recommended" things for users to get. Half of these things are going to conflict if many of them are installed. This entire post gives almost no sense of direction to someone about which filter they should be using. Which should be the point of telling people what they need to be able to decoder certain formats, right?

OggDS: The most ancient and still buggy OGM splitter. Has been undeveloped for almost a full 4 years. Likely to cause more issues with up to date decoders combined with it. Why you are recommending it, I have no idea. And just for semantics, there is no Ogg codec...since it is a container.

VorbisACM: I can see you don't really know what this is for, and people might be thinking they are installing a Vorbis decoder when you recommend this. Obviously this filter has nothing to do with playback of Vorbis (in Ogg or outside of). It was once used in some ancient time as a way to secret Vorbis into AVI through VfW. However failed and went off the board extremely quickly. Any Vorbis in AVI files are likely to be unplayable in nearly any player/interface, and this filter is not going to help anyone for playback.

Gabest Ogg, MKV, MP4: Are being recommended side by side with Haali Media Splitter which parses the SAME formats...Why? Not to mention Haali's filters are actively developed and contains a stream switcher (not that that matters for BSPlayer). Just so you also know Haali's splitter has been the Matroska Team's recommended splitter since about January 2005. If anything you should not be recommending Gabest's MKV Splitter.

3ivx: does quite alot of things which will not mix with other things. Contains an AAC decoder, MP4 and MOV splitter, and an MPEG4 ASP decoder which can take over all decoding. It won't work out nicely with the other things you recommend here, not to mention it has no specific purpose.

MPEG2 decoders: jeese you recommend a ton.... I have no idea why. You could make this list so simple by telling people exactly 1 WORKING filter they need for each format. Not that it matters but I would just go with Gabest's MPEG2 Decoder. It has essentially been the number 1 opensource mpeg2 decoder since forever. The few others were early versions of it with different names, you'll usually see gabest credited in it somewhere.

This list really has no direction for a definitive way for someone to easily know what they need to install for said format. Of course that would require _you_ to actually go mucking about and testing all of them to see which is the most widely supported/stable. But really this list is causing more issues then fixing any for other people who are trying to solve playback issues when someone randomly installs a dozen filters because some site told them to. Please think about updating this list or at least focusing 1 filter per format, and try to pick one that at least has a developer that doesn't disappear for 6+ months. Most of these recommendations could obviously be erased if you just pointed to ffdshow with very bold font. You could even make a "BSPlayer recommended" ffdshow build by turning on all the required formats and turning off the others you don't want it to use.
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