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First Thanks For Your Reply , Now i am not using clone mode only Single Display mode which is my TV as the primary display without even PC Screen Connected , So most realeted settings are missing until you conect second display , About the "Video Overlay Settings" All Reset To Default . . . , So Realy I am STUCK Again ,
Forceware Driver Version is 91.31 So its quite new , also i will said it again without any other players the problem never happens only with BSPlayer which is my favorite player (and probebly thats why it happens)
So look again at new photos that i uploaded to see the problem in STEPS ,

Ok here is phase - 1 -

I just press twice on a movie so Bsplayer could play it ,

Now here is phase - 2 -

Just move to full scree now everything ok here too ? ?

Now Here is phase - 3 -

Look at all the screen corners how they zoomed inside when i exit full screen window , no Start Bar or the other Tool bar i had all zoomed inside , arghhhhh

Just look at screen one again and on screen 3 and look the differences ...

Now i have tried many many stuff from codecs , to screen format to cables , to other TV Cable Connect , to Tweak bsplayer , and On version Xp Sp2 and Xp Sp1 and many nvidia Forceware versions and many more i cant even remeber nothing works 4 me ,

Only Hardware acceleration Tab works when i lower the hardware accleration it works bu the movie is then become sucks .

Well again if any one thinks he or she can help i loved to here him take care ppl see ya . :)
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