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Lol, I guess the internet translates bad into Romanian. Ogg is not an audio compression format. Vorbis is the audio compression format, Ogg is ONLY the container. You can find volumes of information about this at the xiph website, where they tell you the exact same thing.

Gabest is FAR from the same as Haali. First of all Gabest's contains no audio switcher whatsoever, that part he intended to be in MPC. Whereas Haali's is entirely self contained and actually up to date with current features in Matroska. Not to mention it doubles as an excellent OGM and MP4 and now even TS splitter. Haali's splitter will work with every player (except for maybe BSPlayer because it is half broken) whereas Gabest's will only work in players that already have a stream switcher in place. Next why don't we go into the fact that Gabest's software in total is also becoming quite obsolete with no developer at the wheel...for what almost a year now? Check the SVN for exact dates if you have to. I understand you seem to think this whole "choice" thing is important, but why tell people to choose between crap and up to date software with a developer? Maybe you didn't take note that around january 2005 declared Haali their official DShow splitter. Or you just like ignoring perfectly good advice/knowledge.

I'm sorry but you fail for giving people information on what decoders and splitters to use. I hope no one likes taking information from someone who hasn't even educated themselves.
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