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I nearly got my response right - big smile, and more information!

So far we still haven’t established which version of BSPlayer we're talking about. Could you check and mention it?
1.10 build 814 22 Jan 2005

In it's installation folder there should be a folder "skins".
What is inside that folder?
Bat lite.bsz
Carbon v0.1.bsz
mediaBOX v-1.bsz
MediaBOX V-2.bsz
Showtime v1.4 PH.bsz

If you've found Options->Preferences you can also find Options -> Skins (or key combination [Alt]/[S]) (or Options -> Preferences -> Skins). What is shown?
Same list as above, plus Base. sb is the selected skin. It looks as though that may be non-standard. I changed it to Base and, lo and behold - I have a proper skin and can set repeat. Yippee! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The bar at the top is a special full screen version of the skin you're using. (In full screen you should also get normal skin by depressing [H] (default key unless redefined in Key Definitions & WinLIRC).)
Once I started using a standard skin, this worked. Obviously, the “sb” skin is a special. That’s a relief. :)

For the start method it depends.. In which way do you start it? (1) Manually double-click on the playlist? (2) A desktop shortcut? (3) From another program? (4) Automatically at Windows startup?
I have discovered that this machine is running a piece of software called Robotask. It allows certain keystrokes to perform specified windows functions. (That has been causing me problems by “hiding” certain keystrokes from SBPlayer.) :x

The numbers keys, for example, are set to “run” SBPlayer playlists (run and the .bsl file name). Exactly what windows does with this I am not sure, but I think most of my problems have been caused by the non-standard skin and Robotask.

1. You have to take a look at the Windows registry and see if the playlist association command has been modified (take a look at the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\BSP.plist\shell\open\command as default value you should have something like "C:\Program Files\BSplayer\bsplayer.exe "%L"")
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT "not found" in the registry ? :?

4. Take a look at the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run and you should find a string with BSPlayer (remove the -hide tag if any)
I should point out at this point that although I have been programming for over 40 years, the last 27 of which were on PCs (assembler and C), when windows appeared I was mid/late 40s and never really got to terms with working with windows. As you might imagine, though, I am a fairly competent user.

The reason for all this is to explain that I am not greatly familiar with the registry, and although I ran regedit, and there actually appeared to be an entry for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run when that string was entered into the “search” function it found nothing. Strange?

Anyway, there was no mention of SBPlayer under that entry.

The controls you see when moving the mouse cursor at the top of your screen is the FullScreen controls window of your selected skin.
That now makes sense. Thank you.

I have some suggestions for you: …………
As things seem to have improved no end, I will hang on to those, in case I need them later.

Thank you both hugely for taking the time to go to all this trouble, I now feel a great deal more in control and can probably sort something out for the landlord (which should get me a free beer or two).

If I have any more questions, I will come back. Would it be better to post here, or to start a new thread?

Many, many thanks. :) :) :)
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