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Default Japanese subtitles- BS-wrong way around!!! help

I have the latest version of BS Player Pro and have a couple of movies I want to watch with the wife that probably need some Japanese help. So I downloaded a couple of srt files for Japanese and between VLC and BS Player the best I could do was BS Player, but, after changing the font on the srt files within BS, the Japanese characters are displayed literally on their side!!! Strange thing is, when I alter the font outside of BS player, notepad recognizes the Japanese characters the right way around. I have also converted using subtitle workshop into other formats other than srt and while when I open the files themselves they display the correct Japanese, BS player does not seem to recognize anything but the weird upside down Japanese subs.

Perhaps these subs were designed to be watched vertically, but I have downloaded a couple of subs from different places, and given that Japanese themselves do not often watch subbed movies in this fashion, it would be odd that the reason for the problem is because of an intended vertical coding. And besides when I open up the srt files, there is not any coding that suggests that is the case.

So, can any one help me either turn the subs the right way up horizontally, or, if need be, vertically.

As for my specs, I have a Pentium M processor, my graphics card is fine (it displays sub/idx Japanese files perfectly) I have the East Asian language pack installed, everything else Japanse works fine, just within BS Player the Japanese fonts are displayed on their side!

thanks in advance, if anything can be done to help me!!!
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