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Default Screen expansion [1.66 to 1.78]

I've got a couple of movies that are in 1.66 ratio. I watch movies on a widescreen tv. When I want to watch one of those movies, I either get black bars all around the movie, or I miss part of the movie when I zoom to 16x9 (1.78) ratio.
It would be very nice if there was a screen expansion option (not sure what the English translation is, I use the Dutch translation. It's in Options - Video - Video rendering, and can be set to "no change", 4:3, 16:9, 480 lines and 576 lines) to expand the screen to 16x9 by adding black bars to the side.
Then, when you zoom in on a widescreen tv, you see the movie in 1.66 ratio with black bars just on the side, not on top+bottom.
I hope this is clear enough and it might get added one day :)

In previous versions when you pressed I (i), it would show the current time of the video, now it shows the last OSD text which is completely useless. What happened to the old setting?
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