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Hm, okay, once more then :P

The movies are in 1.66 ratio, which is the correct ratio (for example: Bound by Honor)
The tv-out signal is 1.33, so there are black bars when you watch a 1.66 movie on a tv. When you have a 4x3 (1.33) tv, this is no problem.
However, when you have a widescreen tv (1.78 ) like me, you have to zoom in (on the tv). When you watch a 1.78, 1.85, 2.35 or whatever, this is fine. But a 1.66 movie is higher than 1.78, so when you zoom, you miss part of the movie. I don't want that. When you don't zoom, you get black bars all around. I don't want that either.
So it would be nice if BSPlayer could add black bars on the side of a 1.66 movie so appears to be a 1.78 movie. Compare this with enabling "Scherm uitbreiden tot" (Expand screen to?) 16:9 when watching a 2.35 movie. BSPlayer will add black bars on the top and bottom so the 2.35 movie appears to be 1.78 (useful for having subtitles below the movie)
Then, when you zoom in, all is fine.

Did you already try (in full screen mode) to pan-out a bit ([-] on numeric keyboard)?
Can't do that, since I'm watching on overlay. As far as I know, you can't pan using overlay. It only pans on the primary screen.
Disabling overlay is no option either, because then the resolution of my monitor and tv don't match and you will get scrolling on the tv.

If it's still unclear, I could upload a short movie showing my problem. I also know VirtualDub can do it, but by recompressing you always lose some image quality...
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