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"...You should also get a fast decoder and make sure it is not doing any 'post-processing'. Your computer must be capable of decoding the highest bitrate section of your video in realtime. .."
And how do I check/do this?

"...I assume he have VLC from a codec pack. That's where I believe the errors came up..."
I got LVC Player form the site, non packaged with anything**

Ok, normally when I double click a *.mkv file, it loads file then plays fine (before on other computer without VLC player on as well) , but I get this instead:

- Double click file
- After a few seconds, get error in first post.
- I hit 'continue'
- I then hit the play button in the player
- The player starts to play the AUDIO ONLY, the video for some reason is nowhere to be found, as far as I can tell, it's not disabled or anything, but I see nothing at all.

I can right click -> Video -> Full Screen (just hitting 'F' works too) but the Video doesn't show up, unless I do this every time.

Also: The audio 'disappears' sometimes when I do above (ok, only once so far, but still, it’s the idea)

"...Can you also tell us if you use Haali media splitter for MKV ? (play an mkv->options->filters->advanced and click on the one named "source").."

I checked, it says "Haali Media Splitter v1.7.7.5"

"...If you install Gabest mkv splitter do you have the same problem ?..."
What is that, and how will that help?

I right clicked the green arrow in the taskbar, and was able to select, no sub titles, so now I know how to sdo that, hope it works.

**As far as I can tell, I only have one Codex packs installed:
‘Combined Community Codex Pack (CCCP)2007-20-22’

I installed it a bit ago, when I was trying to watch some *.ogm files (or were they *.avi files, I forgot) anyway, I was told to install this (I decided on this one, from a list of Codex Packets that was recommended to me)

I noticed this error only happens when I have both VLC Player and BSplayer installed on the same OS, why does this happen?
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