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Default_Def is an unknown quantity at this point

“…video is a bit slow :: What is the CPU usage while you play the video?…”

CPU # for Bsplayer.exe jumps between 76-96% (but mostly between 85-96% while playing.)

“…It could be video post processing. Uncheck that in ffdshow properties. …”
I went to it and hit the ‘reset to default’ button, the slider went from the farthest right to the farthest left point, now the %# is between 85-95/96.

“…What is the video format of files in question? (MKV is not a video format.) If you're using ffdshow, you can see it under this path while a file is currently playing.

Options -> Filters -> ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder -> Info & debug …”

*sorry, MKV files and the BSplayer are still new to me* :oops:

All get is this:

And when I click on 'ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder' , I get this screen:

If I hit the ‘advanced’ button, I get this:

UPDATE, do you mean this? I think this is what you wanted to know:

Any ideas :?

*If I could. I'd put this BSplayer program on my other computer (CPU 1.8MHz VS 1.002MHz that I‘m using now) But for some reason I can't get ANY Audio/video to play at all on it. Hard to explain here*

Note: I could create a new topic for trying to get it working on that computer, but I want to try and fix it on this computer first.
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