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Default Power DVD and bsplayer conflict?

I had power dvd, which I did not like, so I installed bsplayer pro 2. Everything was fine with bsplayer until I uninstalled power dvd. Now bsplayer will show divx but will not show DVDs. It says unknown format or something. What do I do for quality video? Here is the full story from my blog before I uninstalled power dvd:

I bought a creative 5.1 speaker system at home. It looked very nice but I realized that I needed to get a 5.1 card also and the onboard system would not give me the correct sound. So I paid more money and bought the hardware (audigy) and installed it. I even watched a DVD (shall we dance, by jennifer lopez and richard gere) with my wife thinking it was 5.1. After all, I did the speaker tests and everything looked fine. To my horror, it turned out that my dvd player software, power dvd version 5 did not support 5.1 surround sound, but you had to pay extra money to buy that. I found out that power dvd version 7 has 5.1 support with the program itself, so I went ahead and installed that as well. Now I should be able to watch the darn movie with 5.1 right? NOT. I can see the movie on my samsung 19" monitor but the dvd window shows blank on our 42" plasma screen, which is set as the second monitor. What to do what to do? I found in a forum (sunday morning, april 15, 2007) somebody mentioned it could be because of Hardware Acceleration. So, OK, I found that option in power dvd and turned off the hardware acceleration. So, to summarize,
1. I have the 5.1 speakers,
2. 5.1 card,
3. dvd software that supports 5.1 sound and it shows the movie on my plasma fine.
Everything should be OK right? Not even close. Now after setting all that, my wife wants to watch something short, so we put on star trek deep space nine. It comes out all scrambled and as a column! I am using bsplayer for the star trek stuff. After some thinking, I thought well, the last thing I did was to disable "Hardware Acceleration" in power dvd, so that must be it. Surely, that was it. The power dvd program stopped harware acceleration not only in the program itself, but throughout the computer. Darnit. Anyways, I enabled the hardware accelaration again, and we were able to watch star trek. Now everytime I wanna watch a dvd, I have to disable that, and everytime I wanna watch star trek, I have to enable that from within power dvd program. If anybody knows a better solution, let me know. But the way I see it, there is some conflict between power dvd and bsplayer. I wish bsplayer would play DVDs with 5.1 :)
EDIT: I have discovered that the new version of bsplayer supports playing DVD with 5.1 sound. I can use that program for all my video needs now, its much better than power dvd in my opinion.
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