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Originally Posted by Tizio
I fixed your quote, it doesn't work if you keep enabled HTML code, when you want to quote someone, remember to select the "Disable HTML in this post" checkbox just below the text input box ;)
:? I think I'll stick with Italicizing and bolding for now..I know it better, thanks :)

I don't know anything at all about filters/splitters/codex. :oops:
I only know that you need them to play some file, I guess depending on the way/program that is used and what the file was before, and the codex, you need a certain one to play certain files. (only guessing)

We both have only come across a rare few files we get off the net the requires a codex or something to even play, and it normally comes with the 'package' or we just do a quick google search and download the firs thank that pops up to get it to work.
*not a good idea, but considering we know almost nothing about stuff like this…*.

So, I'm sorry if this seams like your baby sitting someone threw a simple step or something, this is new to both of use and we are trying our bests to learn and not get on your nerves, that much : ).

Originally Posted by J7N
Don't download ffdshow from the SourceForge page. It is an outdated version. Try here:

Get SSE compile if you have Pentium 3 or Pentium 4. Otherwise try MMX or the regular build.
We haven’t done anything since your last post, he’s been to busy with school and I’ve been…busy.

His CPU is a:
CPU: AMD Athlon XP, 1800 MHz (13.5 x 133) 2400+
So I think that is at least a Pentium 3, right?

Download the ffdshow from link and get/install the ‘SSE compile’ right?
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