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Default please GIVE ME solution .

1. please GIVE ME solution .

2. sometimes x264 CoreAVC it's GOOD AND sometimes mkvinst_101a8 good.
i need to work with Cole2k.Media.-.Codec.Pack.V6.0.9 because i need they solution for :
HD - mpeg2 +h264+pdvd7+wvc1+vp62

3. i write to you above a few film that "bs" have problem:
you can bring down from emule i sand you the name
if you have problem tell me !!!

"Open Season Bd-Remux h264 1080P Cd1"
"BS" CAN ONLY write THAT IS IN resolution 720X480 BUT THIS 1920x1080
and i see black picture !
i play this file with Cyberlink.PowerDVD.Ultra.

"Saving Private Ryan Hdtv h264 Dts Dd5.1 1080P 3Dhunter Disk 1-5"
i can't play 'with "bs".

the "bs " play this file on 720X480 AND NOT 720p ?

"Scooby Doo Blu-Ray Remux Vc-1.1080P Dd51 Fanxy@Silu Disk1"
"bs " can play only sound can't see picture !
and the "bs " tell me the film 720X480 but THAT FILM 1080P.
i play this file with Cyberlink.PowerDVD.Ultra.

"The Matrix Reloaded Hd-Dvd Remux 1080P Vc-1 Dd51 Ddplus Fanxy@Silu Disk1"
IF I FIND A CODEC FOR THIS FILE after 1 minute the film start to run fast
"bs " tell me the film 720X480 but THAT FILM 1080P.

"Black Snake Moan 2006 Hd-Dvdre x264 Eac3-Cscxk@Silu "
this film you can see a picture !
but i can't find solution to the sound ?

i have more but if you can find solution for this class of film
you can play 95% from the net with "bs".

4. vista+dx10+bs take 30% cpu ! from my cpu (4800X2)
Cyberlink.PowerDVD.Ultra taka 10% cpu
on 1080p

5.i going to try your Elecard MPEG 2
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