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Default Weird subtitles bug under XP

I use overlay, set as by default in BSplayer Pro. Latest BSplayer Pro version. I have the option "subtitles/auto font resize if line too long" set as ON and disabled the "auto split lines". I have "Draw subtitles to overlay surface" OFF. I have "Auto-load any subtitles" ON.

Now, the bug materializes first as weird changing of the initial font size of the subtitles. I may set the size as 36, but the BSplayer loads the subtitles with a new movie as size 26 or sometimes 46. Then, more weirdly, the bug may or may not cut the sides of subtitle lines. The line then for example reads as "ill you bring it o" instead of "Will you bring it on?".

To correct this errorous behavior, I must set the initial subtitles font size manually to the desired size once the movie with subtitles was loaded. Then both anomalies disappear. They may again surface in the next avi file where subtitles load automatically.

This has been a bug in at least the last 3 versions of BSplayer, previous versions displayed/resized the subtitles correctly. I suspect that if I didn't have the resize subtitles obtion on, then everything would be allright. Please correct this anomaly at once, it's driving me nuts.

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