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Default Very weird Vista x64 Bugs, plz help!

I'm using BS Player since beta times and I am an IT-professional, but this is a problem I can't even explain :shock:, need some help, plz!

I was using a BS Player version 2 or 3 builds older than the 2.23.953 free as the problem appeared first (but the exact version doesn't matter anyway, i tried all builds i could find via file sharing programs, always the same, i even tried hacked Pro versions to see if it's only a free version matter). No worries, hacked version already deleted !

I get the error..:

BSplayer v2.23.953, Unhandled exception at EIP: 6A5516C6
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
If you have internet connection, it's recommended to send error report, this will help us solve problems faster.
Access violation at address 6A5516C6 in module 'quartz.dll'. Write of address 6A5516C6
Call stack: 00000000,6A5516C6,0040496B,00522E5C,00548D3B,00451 B98,00473D10,00476C5B,00476D93,00476C5B,004768D8,0 0428454,00476D3F,00473D10,00476C5B,00428454,00493A FB,005DDF05

..which i read about in here in a few different threads.
But mine is different, it appears on opening any file type you can think of AND even when i simply click on Preferences-->Audio, with no file opened :!: :?:

Then I tried all solutions provided in all related forums i could find in the www. (f.ex. re-register quartz.dll, uninstall all codecs/filters (even audio ones) with registry cleanup afterwards to be sure nothing is left unregister&delete all related .ax also, install Haali splitter, using internal AVI splitter, tried around 50 different decoder combinations, with all revisions and builds i could find and some "solutions" i can't remeber anymore).
All the time every media player (windows media, powerdvd, windvd, divxplayer...) had no problems with any type of video file divx/xvid,mpeg 1&2, asf,wmv... only my favorite: BS Player :evil: -->no success

I downgraded BS Player till version 1.36.825 and suddenly SUCCESS :) .
Everything works fine, superb like always. (btw. there was some progress till that build, the old small bugs re-appeared, just annoying little stuff, not to mention here...)
UNTIL last week. I opened a .wmv file what caused a full system freeze :shock: (never happened in any situation before with my vista 64, had to reset). So I chkdsked all hdd after reset, no problems, RAMtest, StressPrime, no problems, my system is fine. The Video file opens with all other players, so it wasn't the file causing that.
Now if i simply launch bsplayer, full freeze again, maybe bsplayer.exe got corrupted? So I tried uninstalling BSplayer 1.36.825 --> FREEZE again (WHAT? :shock: ) never saw something like that in my 30 years of computer life. Ok ... manual delete of BSPlayer Folder and remove of all registry keys related (classes too), i left no traces of bsplayer in registry, no settings .xml file (i used "in Bsplayer Folder setting" but also in user folder, no settings .xml file = a full BS Player free system.
Retry: install BSplayer 1.36.825. Guess what happens now: FREEZE during install while copying files (Super-WHAT? :shock: :shock: ). Never saw something like that before.

Now I'm on trying installing BSplayer 1.36.825 on another system running Process Monitor (=vista version of RegMon) to find out what registry changes are done I could have forgotten to delete before reinstall (if there are any, help to this would be apreciated). Or can it be something else? (even flushed all driver / MRU / Prefetch caches).

Summary Questions:
- What registry entries are done by BSplayer 1.36.825 installer?
- Are there any Ressources added?
- Is there another working solution for the EIP: 6A5516C6 error than then ones I tried?
- What the heck is this, am I crazy, shouldn't I have eaten those hawaiian mushrooms?
- Is the universe infinite? :lol:

Thanks in advance
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