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Originally Posted by adicoto
The purpose of the sample was for you to see how a real HD file look like. Your hardware it's close to the minimal requirements but your hard drive couldn't match the transfer rate requiered. That's why the stuttering. ANd the usage of 80 % CPU even the file waqsn't playng correctly. CPU was decoding in time the data transfered, but the HDD wasn't sending enough data to decode.
If you are looking for an upgrade, buy a videocard that is having HD support (BR and HD DVD)

Offtopic :lol: I do also have a lot of files in folders with a text file and an URL, but never had this problem. Weird, isn't it ? It's the option "load any subtitle in current folder" enabled ?
Hi :) , at first i surprised that 720p and 1080i samples were costing almost the same amount of CPU but it's not understandable that 7200RPM drive isn't enough, i bet most of drives in the world is 7200rpm(udma 5+) but my drive is 6736 hours old, young huh? (Smart data). 720p was quite smooth with no great satisfaction, 1080i was nightmare.
At this point i must ask: Although CPU usage wasn't %100, was the sluttering because of video card/HDD usage?

Also VGA card isn't enough in my opinion for HD files, 64MB video memory is definitely minimum at its limits.

About the problem, one of the weirdist problem in the world :D , if there wasn't a coincidence, after deleting that 5 lined advertisement and shortcut url file, it's opened well.

Maybe you can try:

Directly extract RAR into the folder with commanding "extract here", try to double click video(same folder video and text/url files). Highly possible that you may not have problem like me but you can try.
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