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Default Bug in free resize? 2.27 959

This is certainly a bug in free resize:
When resizing a 640x352 avi with a fullscreen free resize feature (ctrl+numpad), the top and bottom borders of the picture do not move sometimes, but the content "scales". Then when you use the move picture feature (numpad keys 2 or 8 ), top and bottom border snap to their proper places and everything is resized as it should have been.
BTW, this is regardless of chosen aspect ratio (shift+1,2,3). It affects the problem a little but if it doesn't work, it is quite regardless of AR.

The interesting thing is that with avi sized 624x256 the fullscreen free resize works totally ok, as expected. I tried som more avi picture sizes:
avi 576x304 ok
avi 640x256 ok
avi 640x272 ok
avi 640x336 ok
avi 640x360 not ok
wmv 640x480 not ok
wmv 960x540 not ok
avi 576x320 not ok
avi 592x448 not ok, but barely. Very visible when first switch AR to 16:9
avi 576x416 not ok

My desktop/monitor resolution is 1280x1024. Using normal overlay on Radeon 9800, Omega drivers.
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