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Default Inherent bug in key usage (another free resize complaint)

This may not be considered a bug at all by someone, but well, here it is:
When you do "fullscreen free resize" of the movie using ctrl+numpad, you can only "resize up", not resize down. But when I resize a maformed aspect ratio video file, I usually overshot when resizing it and then cannot resize down. I have to press shift+1 and start over. Very inconvenient.

"Free resizing" by one chosen direction in BSplayer -- the one-directional resize as opposed to bi-directional resizing in two opposite directions at the same time -- is a bit meaningless. The best way to describe what I want is to refer to GOMplayer fullscreen resize, it works as expected; it allows resize up and down with ctrl+arrows (doesn't allow resize left and right, but that's another story). Nevermind that I cannot resize only to one direction, as in BSplayer, because I can always move the resulting picture up or down at will.
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