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Default Problem turning subtitles off

Hi, BSplayer 2.28 pro build 964. winXP. Direct vobsub

I have UNRARdll installed, so when a subpack is included, they autoload themselves, nice... So when I don't want subtitles i usually press "S" then they will disappear, but not if it's a subpack.

I don't have any other movies with a subpack included, so I haven't checked this out on more than one file.

In the menu system, you have the "show subtitle" option, when a subtitle is showing, you see a checker, and if not, no checker. When i press "S" the checker disappears, but the subtitle don't.

Lately I have also noticed that if I turn the subtitle off when there is a subtitle showing...this regardlessly if there is a subpack or not... the subtitle will freeze on screen, and continue showing for ever. So the trick in that situation is to press "S" when there is no text on the screen. Weird?

Maybe the second scenario is a different bug, but something is wrong with the subtitle engine (at least in my case)

The subtitles disappears if I go into settings and check the disable subtitles, or of course if I delete the subpack...but that's a very short term solution, right?
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