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Default [SOLVED] A multitude of issues: [resolved]

BSplayer version 1.37
Build 826, 11. Dec 2005
Running Windows XP.
Let me know if you need to know anything else.

So here's my problem: I have this video, and when I try to play it under default rendering, I get a rather lovely big black screen. Yes, I know - "Change the rendering" - I did, and under every single other rendering option it seems, the video plays alright, but:

I can't lighten the video. Whenever I try to open colour controls, nothing happens. So the video is too dark. I obviously can't lighten my monitor, because the video just stays the same.

I can't go frame-by-frame, which is absolutely essential. No other player does both screencaps and frame-by-frame that I know of.

I can't take screenshots. Which is what I desperately need to do.

So to solve my initial problem, I have to switch the rendering; well, that's just not doable, because none of the functions I need work under different rendering selections. At all. This version of BSplayer is my favourite. I love it to death and hate to use anything else, which is why I'm buckling and seeking help. It always works fine, and if I can only just fix the black screen issue and be able to watch it normally on the default rendering setting so I can go frame-by-frame and adjust the lightness, etc, then my world will be peachy-keen and I can get out of your hair.

Please, please advise. I've been wrestling with this for days.

Thank you,
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