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Default [FIXED] Multimedia keys

I tried the player, Ok, I got some notes on multimedia keys implementation for you. I could make the player react at the keys in the right way (almost), and yes, I did read the others topics on multimedia keys. My suggestions:

1. BSPlayer only reacts at the keys when it has focus. But that's the best part of it that for ex. WMP always reacts at them! You don't have to do anything except press that pause key for ex. and then just go away. When you're back all you have to do is press play, no application switching. And reacting at the keys only when being focused is in fact nothing better than reacting at hotkeys / mouse. You may say some other applications may need that input too, and you don't want to conflict. That is possible but unlikely and at least you might give users an option to always react at MM keys.

2. I think that inital support for MM keys should be on by default. It's quite strange that people have to go to some preferences to just set that play means play, pause means pause, stop means stop etc. That's quite obvious. Not all keyboards have the keys but you do have 2 fields. You could use the 1st for a regular key and the 2nd for a MM key.

3. BSPlayer does not understand that Play and Pause MAY have the same key code. It says "the key is already used by Pause" if I assign it to Play. Yet it does remember the code and reacts properly. I may cheat on it by using 1st field for Pause and 2nd field for Play for the same key so it won't give me a warning but that doesn't matter - the keys are saved and BSPlayer reacts at them.

4. BSPlayer does not select the right action when I press Play and it is not playing anything. It thinks I pressed Pause. So it switches from "stop" to "pause". Then, if I press Play it does play. Duting playback, Pause/Play work correctly. So, when I press Play/Pause, it checks if it's paused, and if yes it plays otherwise it pauses. But when it's stopped it should play as well.
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