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That's great, meanwhile, I finally found out how to make BSPlayer react at the MM keys when it is not focused. That wasn't easy at all!
When I just pressed the right keys at the right functions and checked the global option that was not enough. Trying different keys I found out that the player reacts at MM keys globally when I set another - regular - key for the function. In this case I set "C" for Play, and it did the magic. Note that the trick not only fixed the Play key - it fixed all the MM keys. As far as I can see, the player sets some global handler for keyboard only when a regular key has been set. Then, once the handler is set it works for all global keys (this is just my rough guess).
As I need my "C" in other applications (BSPlayer does not leave it to the focused application!) I decided to change it to another, seldom used key. I tried Shift-F12, but to my surprise, the magic stopped working. I tried Ctrl, Shift and Alt - none of them worked, and only simple F12 did. I don't use F12 so this is what I finally set for Play (only to make global keys work, not because I really want F12).
Note that the other keys - Next and Prev - only worked globally when I set the same key for both Windowed mode and Full screen mode. Without it they did work when the player was focused but not otherwise.
Also note that when I tried to set F12 to another function instead of Play - Stop - the global feature didn't work either. It was only with Play, so this all is very unstable and non-obvious.
I must say that when I finally made every single MM key work the way I wanted it was like I have achieved something unbelievable. This is definitely not something I expected from the player. What took me a lot of efforts should actually come right out of the box (like with for ex. WMP).
I really don't know which of the emoticons to select for the situation.
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