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Maybe it's really related to Unicode, since French diacritics are included into 8-bit ASCII character set (ANSI character set), but not in the 7-bit ASCII character set (the one included in US and Russian Windows)
I'm sure all versions of Windows have full ANSI character set. Russian is an optional extra language, I can install Windows without it as well, and then Windows will display 8-bit ANSI characters where it would display Russian ones if I had installed it.
So, Explorer can display them because it fully supports Unicode or because it has a built in 8-bit ASCII character set.
If it was only about 8-bit ASCII character set Explorer would not be able to display Russian filenames as well. It displays Latin characters, Russian ones and French diacritics (actually 8-bit ANSI characters) which is only possible with Unicode.
Maybe you can install the ISO-8859-1 (Latin 1) character set and see if this solve your problem.
According to my language settings I do have 8859-1, and, honestly speaking, I doubt some one does not have it. It's like not having English language installed. I tried installing Frensh, but that didn't work out. I changed the default language for applications not supporting Unicode from Russian to English, it didn't work either. I scanned through the list of all available character sets, and found one '20269 Diacritic marks', I checked it but even that didn't help.

The point is BSPlayer does display the file name correctly in the playlist, it even displays the time of the song (04:09), yet it fails to play it.
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