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adicoto wrote:
As BSPlayer it's a commercial program, I am sure there are some legal issues that apply in this situation. Like you can use Gabest filters (released under GPL) as they are free to use, but they can't implement them into a comercial program that it's sold on the market.

OK. Sorry if I am being stupid, but let me get this straight.

Do you (BSPlayer developers) have to pay someone (royalties?) in order to create a software capable of playing DVDs/HD-DVDs/Blu-Rays? :shock:

I know the FFDSHOW might be able to replace both the DiVX and XVID codecs. But FFDSHOW for example, it's free (and either XVID/DIVX codecs, I believe). So as should be the codec (or decoder? I always get confused) responsible for making BSPlayer capable of playing DVDs.

And correct me if I am wrong, BSPlayer is both free and paid. I believed the PRO version was doing this job from the start, but it isn't.

I mean, BSPlayer have so much potential and it's so better than the rest that is not even funny to think that is not playing DVDs/HD-DVDs/Blu-rays right from the start, and another ordinary player is doing that (like WinDVD). And I am not talking only about the DVDs released in the market, like The Dark Knight for example. Think about a DVD recorded from your birthday, family reunion, etc.
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