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Default Video Tag Editing?

Hi, I recently tried out your player but a couple things are missing for my needs.
Someone said to try here for update requests.
What I see so far looks great.
But it is missing a feature that I can't seem to find anywhere.
Well I have found one but that player only supported a few video types.

What I would like to do is sort out my video's with my audio's using the same tags.
I'm guessing the audio files have the tags built in somehow since most every player lets you sort them by artist, album, genre, year, ect.
Most video files on the other hand must not have those kinds of tags since no one lets you sort them that way.
Just wondering if you could make it so we can edit and save the video tags for all the video types even if it saves them to a BSplayer file?
Update the ones that do have true tags but save the information somewhere else if they don't.
Your player has fields to enter this information in already in the media library, but we just can't save it.

Also I was wondering if media library supported flv?
If not it would be nice to have them supported in the library also.
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