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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
Since Vista came out, 5.1 playback was problematic. So, if the sound is distorted, when playing such a file, open AC3Filter dialog window (rightclick -> options -> filters -> AC3Filter and go to GAINS TAB. In here you should see the input and output levels. If the output level it's at the roof, the this ia the cause for the distortions and you should reduce volume from the main slider (be sure AGC it's not enabled).
The output levels are normal, the same as the input levels.
When i put the output to 3/2 (5 channels) instead of 3/2+sw (5.1) The dialouge seems more normal, but its still to loud and there's olmost no bass anymore

Edit: after some testing it seems that 3/2 works better then 3/2+sw is some videos. it also seems that the back speakers have the same audio as the front speakers when set to 3/2 (not entirely, when a plane fly's over in the vid you still here it behind you but for example dialouge can be heard over all speakers.

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