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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
Can you post here a picture of the matrix used ? I've seen something similar once and solved only by modifyng the matrix. It should have 1 on the diagonal, from L (upper left) to Sub. (lower right) and 0 in rest. Also enable bass redirect.
I'll be damned, (don't know if I can say this here) I turend on bass redirect, and guess what good quality 5.1 sound!

So far I could only test it on 2 video's 1 with 5.1 ac3 sound (which sounds great with bass redirect) and 1 Saving private tryan 720P sample which still has strange sound but its maby becuase Saving private ryan is in DTS? (I did selected prefer AC3 filter for DTS)

I'll check my other videos when I come back from school.

Edit: checked some other video's they still seemed to have the dialouge problem. How ever I modyfied the matrix a bit (it used to be all 1 from upper left to down right) and by changing voice to -2.5 DB + some other things I finely got good sound, I'm fine tuning it right now. I'll let you know when im done.

Edit: Fine tuning is done, everything sounds normal now, thanks for your help everyone! I appreciate it.

There is how ever 1 problem. I got this dolby surround test which first does your front L C R and the RS (right surround) LS and the first 3 are working fine but when the back speakers are up you hear the sound from the FRONT and BACK speakers? and AC3 filter only shows RS having audio outputted (don't know if thats a word) The movie IS 5.1 dolby surround.

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