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Default AC3 filter is not being used again?

Today I updated AC3 filter from 1.51 to 1.60, how ever in BS player it looked like 1.51 was still being used. so i uninstalled ac3 filter, re-installed it. but then it was no longer in the Filters list. re-installed bs player and when I got to the install codecs pack, BS player wanted to install ac3 filter 1.31?! anyway I clicked continue and thought that it was maby a bug but there is still no AC3 filter when I got to the filters tab in BS player.

Edit: went to the filter options and added it manuely now its back in the filters tab how ever its version 1.46? instead of 1.60.

Edit2: Nevermind, after a reboot its gone again, and its not adding it manuely is not working again, it now seems to be using FFDshow audio codec. I try'd adding bsplayer.exe to the list where ffdshow audio coded should NOT be used but with no effect.

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