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Darn, it seems to be a feature. (Hence by design after all.)

  • playback of YouTube streams, fixed
  • changed playback seek behaviour for all multimedia files and streams (playback will continue only after the mouse button is released)
  • problems with some Vorbis radio streams, fixed
  • ML > 'Remove non-existant entries' would also remove web radios, fixed
  • if audio file with the same name as video is present it will be automatically loaded
  • problem with cycle audio stream option in AVI files, fixed
  • double clicking one the same file second time didn't reopen it, fixed
Wouldnt it be possible to make this optional instead? (After all in fullscreen it still works the old way too.) Like i said, being able to scan through a video via the trackbar is an immensely valuable feature, so just disabling it completely in favor of the new method would actually make BSP less good than it was before as a very useful feature would no longer be there...
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