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Thanks for the info Ico, much appreciated.

I will do a couple of final tweaks and testing during this week so i think i can upload a beta around the weekend.

As for the further completion process, what would be most helpful are suggestions as for what to do with the nine unlabeled buttons below the trackbar. Since my aim is to make it a possibly perfect allround-skin that can be used as a full replacement to Base, i am very much interested in hearing opinions as to which functions would benefit the most people in the best way. The functions that are important to me are already all covered, so as far as im concerned these nine buttons can be anything. But IMO they should be something that is useful to the majority of users, since it simply makes the most sense.

(If the BSP Team would like to see any specific functions covered there, please let me know which and in what order of arrangement. If you want any specific labels too (glyphs in this case) just let me know what you have in mind and i will get to it. Its my way of saying Thanks for your great free product and your unprecedented responses to User Feedback.)

Covered so far are: (Left-To-Right Order)

P-R-O Block: Preferences | RepeatModes | OpenFile

PL-EQ-ML Block: Playlist | Equalizer | MediaLibrary

Plus/Minus Block: Volume Control

Player Control Block Upper Row: Rewind | Play | FastForward | Pause

Player Control Block Lower Row: Previous | PreviousChapter | NextChapter | Next | Stop+CloseFile

Left Bottom 3-Block: MinimizePlayer | Skins | Cycle Aspect

Right Bottom 3-Block: JumpBackward | JumpToTime | JumpForward

Player Display: Volume Control | ToggleMute | RepeatModes | ToggleFullscreen

(Note: Fullscreen Skin is 100% identical to the normal skin, minus the non-available readouts in the display of course.)

The 'Video' button in the upper right control block currently opens HardwareVideoSettings, (the sliders), but is supposed to be extended with a submenu similar to that in Base in the further process. The other buttons of this block (DVD, Audio, TV, Radio), are not assigned yet.
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