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Default Video overlay fails on security popup

If watching a movie, and a security program pops up a routine alert, the video ceases to be rendered and overlaid. The screen can be maximized and made normal size, minimized to the taskbar, stopped and started, yet video overlay will not resume until BSplayer is stopped and started.

I'm using a temporary fix of rendering movies using "internal renderer RGB mode" which seems to work because a different method is being used, but the default mode doesn't.

Example for me - BSplayer 2.4x, WinXP, kaspersky internet security 2009/2010 (KIS), play a movie using default rendering and full screen it, an wait for KIS to pop up a routine alert ("Program X wants to access private data" or something). BSplayer's rendering goes black and stays that way until restarted. Reproducible.
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