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Default possible solution

Finally think may now understand atleast partly the answer to what others posted to the original question ' how to play selections automatically' It is misleading and obscure and not obvious to say the least .
What is frustrating and makes little sense is after doing alt E to get into the playlist menu? (i guess that's what you may call it) nowhere does the name of a named playlist
appear prominently or at all - but it always says just 'playlist' at the top and nothing else no matter what . Instead of just playlist at top it should read ' playlist : name ' if the playlist first brought into the window already has been saved and named 'name' or else say ' playlist : untitled ' if the page is blank or otherwise as yet to have been named or saved to disk. And at the bottom instead of having to first click list and then ' load from file' or 'save to file' it should appear prominently ' save playlist ' or ' load playlist ' without having to go into or under any other menu first such as under ' list ' . A playlist is usually a group of files and not thought of as a single file so the term ' load from file' or 'save to file ' is not thought of as denoting anything to do with a playlist and nowhere does it say or imply to the effect ' create your own playlist here ' for example . Also missing is the command to play a named or otherwise playlist . It's a long shot but after all the current misleading terminology i might surmise that one might play a playlist under menu ' open file ' just as for a regular media file but instead use the name of the playlist which apparently is stored as a file with a certain extension? - i think this may have worked in one trial more or less but have no assurance if that is a reliable way to do it so the question still remains how does one play a playlist ?
Though i would surmise from the answer postings that this is the way to do it .
Another inconsistency is under the 'media library ' ? section where at top appears ' BS player Ml ' there is a part at left where one may create a ' playlist ' which i did try before and then can add files in media library to these ' playlist ' names. So what is the relation of these playlists to the ones in the first part i wrote of above under alt - E 'playlist ' ? menu . And nowhere did the names i gave the these playlists created in this media section turn up to be available anywhere on the hardrive ?

I guess the biggest drawback is why is there not a help file explaining all these unclear and misleading things ?
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