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Sound: by messing around with the EQ, I did manage to get that boost of sound very much needed!
The first line doubled the volume, and now I am a very happy guy(using different players for each movie was really bugging me).
Thank you very much for your very helpful reply.

I now understand that all my requested features are already there, BUT() they're too hard to use. For example, I have never used the equalizer, and out of your millions and millions of users, surely I'm not the only dumb one that never thought about messing with the eq. A 200% Volume bar would be much more handy, no?

Subtitles part: The Shift+left/right keys are doing exactly what I wanted. Please pardon me for not studying the shortcut keys a bit better.

Right click menu: Why not make a page inside the BS Player Preferences menu in which the user could choose what content to show up inside the right click menu?
Something like a list of all the items present in the right-click menu, each having a check-box next to it(except for the basic ones, of course).

Now, please understand that I am very satisfied with this player(i may even love it). Now I understand that it has everything a player would need, but some features are pretty hard to discover/understand...

Best regards
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