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Default "smart stretch",anamorphic ,SH1oN ?

Is SH1oN a key sequence meaning shift 1 o N or shift 1 zero n ? Is it case sensitive and do you have to hold down the shift all the time or can one use cap's lock?or what ? How can one apply to a 16/9 aspect ratio to fully full screen fit a 4/3 screen and not cut
off the sides nor make it look obviously stretched in the vertical direction? Is that the same as anamorphic aspect ratio ? When use the anamorphic ratio under the aspect ratio in bs player it looks as if the same thing as doing 4/3 on a 16/9 original and not the 'smart stretch' or whatever good way the tv stations do it so it looks natural and fills the whole screen without obvious vertical stretching. Is there any way one can do the same in bs player if winlrc is disabled. Does SH1oN mean win lrc ? And what does this have to do with subtitles ?
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