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Question Aspect Ratio

Hy! I am using a 24" (FullHD-1920x1200) as the primary dispay on a Hp530 Notebook PC (laptop) wich has the optim ressolution 1280x800 (for the factory diplay). The monitor is runing on 1600x1200 (from some reason it doesn't support 1920x1200 with my notebook although in the specs for the video adapter 1920x1200 res is supported) and it has the display setting (aspect ratio) set to "FULL"... the other possible setting is "1:1" but with this setting two vertical bars are filling the vertical margins/limits of the monitor. So, in order to watch a movie as close at it should on 1:1, i have to set in BSPLAYER PRO (2.43 build 1008) the custom aspect ratio to 16:11. I have "keep aspect ratio" and "remember move settings" checked! The problem is that if i am watching a series tv movie (more than a single episode) or many movies one after other, the "aspect ratio" goes automatically to "Original" i guess because the new movie is streched as if i hadn't set the aspect ratio to 16:11 and in the same time, if i go to "video->aspect ratio" the 16:11 setting is still checked BUT in order to mentain the apect ratio to 16:11, although it's still selected, i have to select it one more time. The other problem is that i can't find any setting to keep always active the 16:11 aspect ratio, even after i stop/close the player, in order for all the movies to use 16:11 aspect ratio.
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