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Default Making only the video transparent, not the subtitles?

I just downloaded BSplayer 2.50.1017 and have the following question. Is there a way of turning down the 'video window alpha value' (which can be adjusted in Preferences) to zero while at the same time not making the subtitles transparent?
I mean, It would be great if one could make only the video window, but not the subtitles, transparent. This way it would be possible to superimpose the video window over an embedded flash player (like at Youtube) and play the subtitles there.
Of course one needs a video for BSplayer to play for making the subs to work, but this could be just a long video of a black image - easy to make using Windows Movie Maker.
Getting the timing of the subs right takes a little work but it's not that hard.
This would actually be a feature I would be willing to pay for.

One could of course resize the video window in to a small rectangle an place it under the embedded video, but that affects the viewing experience so it would be awesome if it could be placed over the embedded video as a transparent rectangle.

And in case someone is wondering, I know about the 'Open URL' option but more often then not I can't get it to work properly.

Thank you for any info.
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