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srt with mp4 - can you send us a sample of this file?

Please download and check it out.
when I play my mp4 files (extension is mp4) with bsplayer v2.51 - I only hear the sound. but the video is black for me.

with VLC player those files play nicely.

Please also check those bugs:
with the "new subtitle parer/renderer" option enabled my hebrew subtitle loads, but the text is not in order..bsplayer loads the text in a mess (inverted)
also my hebrew subtitle loads with a delay..
- bsplayer *sometimes* DOES NOT automatically loads the subtitle (that are in the same directory of the movie) and even when I manually loads it, it sometimes does not show up.
also when I minimize bsplayer movie window and maximize it again to full screen then the subtitle is sometimes not loaded (disappear) and sometimes it loads the subtitle in VERY BIG font size (I see it only for seconds) and then it use the default font size.
additionally, WHEN I load the subtitle, the video got distorted for a second.
of course "Auto load any subtitles in currect directory" option is checked.
and this is not a problem with the subtitle file (.srt) because it also happen with every subtitles I use for different movies.
also this is not a problem with v2.51, because it also happen with v2.50.
by the way I use coreavc for hd (mkv) decoding and ffdshow for the rest (ac3/xvid/divx etc.)
-BSPlayer does not recognize the 64bit version of ac3filter v1.63b.
(it only recognize the 32bit version).
-after I installed bsplayer v2.51 the subtitle position offset is always changing (it show the subtitle on the middle) when I open my movies.
I think you should default the subtitle position offset to "0".
-please don't make the "Resize OSD and subtitle font automatically" option enabled by default, because it's not working well for eveybody..
for me it set the subtitle font size to 71!.

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