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Default Frame droping when behind (catch-up)

i just emailed BSPlayer contact email the following:

Subject: Suggestion for new features

First of all i have to say that BSPlayer is the best player for divx
i have ever worked with !!!
and i really think that if you just add one little feature, it will
become perfect:

"Frame droping when behind"

The term is from a feature that i found in VirtualDub 1.5.2 under
Options->Drop frames when behind. this option alow'ss slow computer
to watch movies with minimal impact. instead of reseting the correct
frame every keyframe (or whatever, i'm really just an end-user)
when not being able to catch up, it's skipping frames to catch-up
with the audio.
This feature is very important not just to slow computers but also
to comuters that run with a background task that functions in a
non-liniear fashion (slowingdown the computer every once and a while)

I found that sorten players are already implementing this feature
like Divx Player (the one that comes with the divx bundle) which i'm
sometime use for lack of choice when it comes to hi-res videos.
i should point out that "Windows Media Player" dosn't have this
feature and this alone greatly reduce it's value in my eyes.

*The reason i can't use the Divx Player (2.1) is because of it's
bad frames/corrupt file handling: at best it will simply stop
showing the video, at worst it will crush taking explorer with him
(forceing me to rerun it manually through the Task Manager
(ctl+alt+del) - lackly for me i'm using Windows XP, but just
imagine what kind of hell is coming down on Windows 95/98).

P.S: i'm no programmer but becouse that VirtualDub is an Open-Source
project,you can learn how they did it and implement it easly (i hope)
in BSPlayer; Can You ?

P.S.S: love the new Overlay option for the Subs in 493, i don't use
subs but when i use overlay my videos seem's to run better/smother !

Thankes for hearing me out ! :)


I didn't know about this fourm so i thought i should run here too.
i proberly won't be commenting on your responses but i will check theis
fourm every once and a while.

Got any suggestions ?
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