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Default Jump To A Chapter (ogm)

I'm having the following problem.

I want to be able to jupt to a specific chapter of my .ogm video file. I made a menu for my divx movie and i want a command or something like this to tell my player(or to ogg vorbis splitter and stuff) on which chapter to start playing the movie.

I used to use the stime=x command of bsplayer when i used avi and mp3 audio and .srt subs. But now i want to use the subtitles of the dvd ( vobsub etc.) and bsplayer crashes when directvobsub starts with .idx .sub subitles.

I hope i made you unterstand my problem.
I need a player that can start on a specific chapter using the command line or something like this or something else,a command for the ogg vorbis plugins,i don't know

That's all
i'm Waiting your help...
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