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Default BSPlayer opens some video files as "Audio file"


I have a PVR system based on GBPVR on XP. GBPVR records videos from cable tv using Hauppauge tv cards. The videos are in MPEG-2 format. The PC has no monitor; it has only a tv attached to it.
In the system I use BSPlayer as the player. I am in the process of reinstalling everything on new hardware and went for the latest version of BSPlayer, 2.53 free. On the old hardware everything worked fine (I’m upgrading to get more CPU to handle HD films).
The problem I have is that BSPlayer interprets the files from the tv cards as “Audio file” meaning I only hear the sound of the film, no video. It behaves just like when playing mp3s.
I have Nero ShowTime installed on the machine which plays the files perfectly. I also have K-Lite (version base) installed to enable GBPVR to play the videos. GBPVR has no problems playing the videos. Using Graphedit I can play the files perfectly, it suggests ffdshow Video Decoder for the video stream.
In BSPlayer, with the video loaded, I get “Default DirectSound Device”, “EQ”, “ffdshow Audio Decoder”, “Ligos MPEG Splitter” , and “Source” under Filter/Advanced. On BSPlayer itself I get “Audio File”.
ALT-3 yields zeroes everywhere.except Surface type which is UNKN-Overlay.

What I have tried:
Surfing the Internet and BSPlayer’s forums for help to no avail. Uninstalling/reinstalling K-Lite and BSPlayer back and forth. Have tried BSPlayer without K-Lite. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling BSPlayer’s internal codecs using codecmanager.exe. Have tried uninstalling some or all internal codecs in hope that BSPlayer would use K-Lite’s codecs. Played around in BSPlayer’s preferences/Video/Video rendering/Rendering mode. All unsuccessful. Worth mentioning is that for many other formats (avi, mkv etc) BSPlayer works as it should. I think the problem is with these MPEG-2 files from the tv cards only.

Now my hope lies with you professionals J

Read the "Read before posting" after submitting this...
Hardware: Intel 3.60GHz, 2GB RAM
Software:XP pro fully patched, DirectX 9.0c, BSPlayer 2.53 1034 21. apr 2010.

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