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Default Windows 7 DPI Scaling - Drag & Drop issue

OMG people you have no idea how frustrating were the last several days.
I have a free version of BS Player under Win7 Home Premium and of course i use the DPI scaling (set to 133% because of big res.).

One day SUDDENLY drag & drop started to malfunction. All of the sudden when dragging a movie from the Explorer to the BS Player - the mouse cursor was jumping back as soon as you moved the dragged item to be within the BS Player borders. Weird!

Then i started to notice that other programs (like Winamp, Goldwave) are getting the same problem. At that point i was thinking that maybe Windows has a serious bug or a malfunctioning update.

Googling didn't help, and after some more trial and errors i FINALLY found the cause.

It's that little check-box in "Adjust screen resolution"->"Set custom text size (DPI)" called: "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling".

So just a friendly advice, if you use this custom DPI feature - for God's sake keep that check-box CHECKED.
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