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Default do mind explaining how this works

i put the dll in mirc fokder
alt+r to make new alias

then hit f6 to try it but f6 is programmed for other use

so i changed to other key but its not working,

i really want a script for mirc and those who says gtsdll works better start to expkain how cause it doesnt

Originally Posted by Halle View Post
Here you can grab my lousy attempt to create a spam dll for mIRC, which has basic support for WinAMP and BSPlayer.
One way to use it is to add something like
/F6 /action $dll(mIRCaMP,Format,now playing <&WASongTitle> [&WASongPos5% of &WASongLen done])
to your alias definitions and hit F6 when you feel like flooding around :p.
You can get some kind of 'help' about other token strings by calling the dll's 'Help' function, e.g. by typing
/dll mircamp Help
into the status bar.
Some things may not yet work, as I either have been too lazy or too stupid to implement it or as there isn't too much information on how to use certain API functions. Another point is that e.g. BSPlayer always seems to return -1 (or 0xffffffff) as version, making the output of '&BSVersion' is accordingly senseless, so don't be surprised if not everything works as expected.

Ah yeah, I forgot to mention that you should put the dll inside your mIRC directory.


Update: fixed some bugs, e.g. crash when using &WASongPos5/&BSMovPos5 tokens
added &BSMovTitle: like &BSFileName, but if the file is called avseq*.*, it will check if the file is on a CD and if yes, get the CDs volume label and show that instead.
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