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Default Advanced Random

The random play is so not cool right now ... It's like i play a playlist alphabetically but they are scrambled ... it's the same.
If there was a way when you open the playlist, and it is set to random, to start from another position .. not the first ... and the positions played would be different And this can be made with a value (10001) that increments (when opening bsplayer).. until a max value is reached (lets say 20000; when 20000 is reached then the number takes the initial value - 10001) then the number would be divided by the total number of songs in the current playlist (and take the rest) (if there is only 1 song play it directly.. else) and then play the number that results ..
nr (10001,20000)
nr=10001 (first)
BSPlayer opens => nr=10002
read the number of songs in playlist
if there is only 1 -> play directly
else Start and Play nr%(number of songs)

change the random formula so it will not play the same order of song numbers .. random should mean random ... not nonalphabetical same-old-order...

the first solution i provided needs some work and beta testing but i think it's the best ... and you dont need to think of a new formula ...

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