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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
I also think that a one-window-skin according to your idea also looks an awfull lot like the dreadfull WMP.
I personally think BS.Player's separate video window, with the possibility to hide the control-panel or "glue" it to the movie window (which can be with or without borders) when you want to, is one of its strong points.
Similarly I personally have no wish whatsoever to constantly see playlist (or - for that matter - Media Library or Equalizer).
You are righ that appearence is always matter of personal preference but wrong with WMP. I am inspired by Winamp skin called Bento which I like but I miss those aero borders. I like when applications have defined area by operation system. And for the skin: I need to know what videos I have in playlist so I can't be surprised when I play somenting to someone and I can easily switch between videos or music. Whend I watch a movie I always use fullscreen so nothing bothers me. Again -> personal preference(but I'm not alone. Two of my three flatmates use rival soft becouse it is one windowed and matches their OS etc. Third one and me use BSP becouse of it's speed, features etc.)
I enjoy BSplayer becouse it is lightweight, very customizable, configurable and capable application. And don't want to change the way how BSP looks. What I want is just add few checkboxes to options menu so it can be even more adjusted to my thoughts.
Small example from my Miranda options and how it affects skin area:

On right side you can see my miranda without windows borders. It is fully skinnable area just like BSP etc. But when you check use non-layered mode that area is surrounded by windows borders. Everything else is like before.
EDIT: I promise this is last image. Just to clarify everything :)

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