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Default Issues I have with BS.Player

I intend to write here an extensive post about some issues I have with BS.Player.
My configuration:
Core2Duo @ 2GHz, 2 GB DDR2@ 667, SIS Mirage 3+ integrated using 256 MB shared memory, Windows 7, 5400 rpm SATA drive. I would say enough power to play 1080p flawlessy, in terms of computing power and bandwith.
BS.PlayerPRO 2.57.1049

1. Things that doesn't need images to be explained:
a. By default, BS.Player instal aplly as default "seek by keyframes". So. I watch a movie. Put a bookmark, let's say at frame 24 (movie is 23,976 fps). I upgrade BS.Player. Play the movie from the bookmark. As it scrolls to the next keyframe, you may lose something between 1 second and 30 seconds (or even more, depending on how the file was encoded, let's say, it has keyframes at 1000 frames).
b. Codec manager starts checking for codecs if you don't press the cancel button (what am I canceling ?). If you are not conected to internet or need proxy config, it slows down the install process. You may add this feature as an option, during install -> do you want BS.Player to check for codecs, search the internet, download and install requiered codecs ? At this moment it does that (more or less, see point 4. below), without asking you. Some may consider it wrong to do that (privacy ?). And why QT splitter is not included on the list ?
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