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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
No such feature is not there. BS.Player (surprisingly?) is a player. Not an editor. There are plenty (free) editors out there to do the job as indicated by you.
However, that being said, as a player, BS.Player has the feature of adding (and editing) bookmarks. Once bookmarks are created ([Alt]/[i]), you can jump directly to such bookmark at any time you want (rightclick > Bookmarks ... then select the number/time of your bookmark).
The function "Edit bookmarks" also gives you the possibility to add descriptions and to "[Export as chapters]". When you've done that, you can henceforth use Chapters function: rightclick > Chapters > viewer. In viewer automatically thumbnails are created. Clicking on a thumbnail will start playback at that chapter. Maybe play a bit with these possibilities.
Hi Peter,
Thanks for the answer. I tried the chapter feature and it's nice, but not exactly useful for my purposes. I let my kids watch a few episodes of different cartoons before bedtime, but some of these episodes are part of one large file so if I add them to the play list all episodes would be played before moving on to the next item in the play list.
My intention is not to split the video into several pieces, but to be able to play certain chapters/episodes from them through the BSplayer playlist. I would like to save a "bookmark" text file for each episode and drop them in the playlist as needed.
I hope this feature could be added at one point.
Great work so far, I've been a big fan of your player for longer than I can remember. Keep it up.
Thanks again...
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