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Default Feature Request: Seek/Jump to next subtitle line

I know that BS player have Seek forward/backward buttons, and jump forward/backward.

But it would be really useful if it would have "next subtitle" and "previous subtitle", meaning that when you press a button, video jumps to next or previous subtitle line.

This option is very usefull for:
1. People who cant read fast (usually this is becouse there is no subtitle on there native language and they are forced to watch on some other languages, that they have litle knowledge off)
2. When, for some reason, you are distracted while watching movie (phone ring, someone walk in to room while you are watching movie, going for the popcorn, toilet...) and you just didnt catch what was the last thing the actor said (or just cant quiet remember what was the last thing said when you get back to movie).
3. On some movies the conversation is just too fast and you cant catch everything
4. The audio is not very good... The actors are not speaking very well... etc

When I am using seek/jump buttons in 99% the reason is one of the above (and they are all related to subtitle).

Thanks in advance.
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